VVA Hayden

D.O.B: 13 September 2008

ILR ID#: 275350

Sire: Sabi

Dam: Rose Parade


Hayden has been here from the beginning. She was the first all around llama on the farm. She has a good personality and loves to meet new people. Hayden's favorite treats are Sweet Tarts and Bottle Caps.

SWLC Halle

D.O.B: 14 March 2018

ILR ID#: 291870

Sire: High Altitude

Dam: SWLC Schellee


Hard Rock's Cinnamon Cookie

D.O.B: 15 July 2013

ILR ID#: 287143

Sire: Woodsedge Phast and Phurious

Dam: Hard Rock's Fortune Cookie


Picture Pending

HOLR Havana

D.O.B: 23 June 2013

ILR ID#: 285925

Sire: GNLC Silvertone

Dam: Good Luck Penny


Our expectations for her is that she will become an all around show llama. Look for this striking female in the halter and performance rings.

LPR Callypso

D.O.B: 04 July 2014

ILR ID#: 288057

Sire: 4C Nelio

Dam: VVA Fashionista


Callypso was born on the 4th of July and has exploded into the show ring! She is a powerhouse llama, earning Grand Champion at every show she has come into contact with. She's a gentle, sweet llama, who has also been certified as a Therapeutic Animal.

*5 time National Performance Champion*

*2019 All American Llama Award Recipient*

LPR's It's Electric!

D.O.B: 15 June 2014

ILR ID#: 288056

Sire: Kinetix

Dam: VVA Heartthrob


It's Electric!, or "Ellie", is the second oldest of the 2014 models. She has the sweetest personality anyone can ask for and loves attention. She has done well in the halter rings as well as the performance ring, earning a Reserve Champion at the MN Fair this year. 

Lazy P Ranch

Sweet's Porsche

D.O.B: 26 May 2001

ILR ID#: 236805

Sire: DDL Mr. Sweets

Dam: Indigo's Shy Anne


Porsche is the 'Grand Dame' llama on the farm. She came to us with Madalynn as a friend to keep her company. Even at age 15, she can still compete in the showmanship and halter arena, placing at the top of her classes. To the crias, she acts as the grandma.

VVA Heartthrob

D.O.B: 16 April 2008

ILR ID#: 276563

Sire: Sabi

Dam: Double Chocolate Delite


Hearttrob has been here since the beginning, along with her half-sister Hayden. She was originally just a pasture friend for Hayden, but it was decided that she was not just going to sit out there. In the ring, she is a performance and halter llama, but back at home, she is our guarding llama. She is always the first to greet us, along with her current cria Hermes.

BHR Brianna

D.O.B: 12 June 2006

ILR ID#: 267155

Sire: BHR Chilean Del Rio

Dam: DDH's Black Beauty


Brianna, better known as "Poppers", is a lovely llama with a sweet personality. She is best known as a 'motherly figure' to all of the crias, despite currently having her own Crowley. Poppers is not just a great mother though: she is a force to be reckon with in the ring. She does fantastic in halter, showmanship and performance.


D.O.B: 28 May 2010

ILR ID#: 281768

Sire: Ollendick Farms Tango

Dam: Ollendick Farms Mckenzie


Madalynn is second in command behind Porsche. She came to us as part of the 'harem' to get our breeding program started. Being a mama to Achilles does not leave time to show, but we anticipate her entering the show ring on her year off.