Picture Pending for Madalynn

Picture Pending for LPR Valkyrie

LPR Valkyrie

D.O.B: 15 September 2019

ILR ID#: 2934532

Sire: Lazy Acres Tucker

Dam: Hard Rock's Cinnamon Cookie

LPR Callypso

D.O.B: 04 July 2014

ILR ID#: 288057

Sire: 4C Nelio

Dam: VVA Fashionista

VVA Hayden

D.O.B: 13 September 2008

ILR ID#: 275350

Sire: Sabi

Dam: Rose Parade

BHR Brianna

D.O.B: 12 June 2006

ILR ID#: 267155

Sire: BHR Chilean Del Rio

Dam: DDH's Black Beauty​


D.O.B: 28 May 2010

ILR ID#: 281768

Sire: Ollendick Farms Tango

Dam: Ollendick Farms Mckenzie

Sweet's Porsche

D.O.B: 26 May 2001

ILR ID#: 236805

Sire: DDL Mr. Sweets

Dam: Indigo's Shy Anne

LPR Miss Trickster

D.O.B: 20 September 2019

ILR ID#: 293450

Sire: 4C Modano

Dam: VVA Heartthrob

LPR Rheaa By Design

D.O.B: 15 August 2019

ILR ID#: 293449

Sire: 4C Madono

Dam: LPR Callypso

Picture Pending for Hard Rock's Cinnamon Cookie

Picture Pending for Bradford Linda's Starr

Picture Pending for LPR Penny Lane

LPR's It's Electric!

D.O.B: 15 June 2014

ILR ID#: 288056

Sire: Kinetix

Dam: VVA Heartthrob

LPR Penny Lane

D.O.B: 20 September 2019

ILR ID#: 293450

Sire: Stage Stop Spitfire Gordon

Dam: HOLR Havana

SWLC Halle

D.O.B: 14 March 2018

ILR ID#: 291870

Sire: High Altitude

Dam: SWLC Schellee

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Lazy P Ranch

Hard Rock's Cinnamon Cookie

D.O.B: 15 July 2013

ILR ID#: 287143

Sire: Woodsedge Phast and Phurious

Dam: Hard Rock's Fortune Cookie

Cashmere RTC

D.O.B: 17 May 2019

ILR ID#: 292823

Sire: GNLC Scorcher

Dam: Too Classy RTC ​

Picture Pending for LPR Miss Trickster

Bradford Linda's Starr

D.O.B: 19 June 2006

ILR ID#: 267587

Sire: GNLC Starbucks

Dam: Bradford Play Girl