Lazy P Ranch

​​​Our family moved to a wonderful hobby farm in Ellsworth, WI, in 2001. We had the usual hobby farm livestock- horses, chickens, barn cats, and of course our German Shepherd, along with three daughters to help care for them. Jilliane and Mady enjoyed showing horses, but it was not Steffanie's passion. In 2007, while the rest of the family was busy over at the horse arena during the Pierce County Fair, Steffanie and her aunt meandered over to the llama tent. The leaders at the time answered her many questions and got her interested in llamas. For the next year, she borrowed a llama for the project. Enjoying the llama project very much, we visited the project leader's farm the following spring. Steffanie, not knowing that she was choosing her own birthday present, was asked which one she would want if she could have a llama. "The nebby little white one" that kept following her around was her response. In March, she received two beautiful females for her birthday and, of course, got her "nebby little white" one.

Deciding the llama market was where we wanted to make a long term commitment, we began in earnest to look for a heavy male silky for our breeding program. The characteristics important to us included great disposition, gentle nature, confirmationally correct, and willing and safe to be handled by anyone. Above that, we wanted an intact male who was versatile in halter, performance, pack, and public relations, willing to adapt to any situation, and of course topped off with lustrous fiber that everyone wanted to put their hand on. With a large "want list" to fill, we began our search for our ideal male. We had our eye on a very sweet, gentle silver young male silky, and in 2012 were able to purchase Nelio, intending to use him as the cornerstone of our breeding program. Of course, with a stud comes the need for a larger "harem" and five more girls were chosen based on the characteristics we were looking for in Nelio.

Our llamas have done everything we asked them and more- from 4-H to ILR shows to parades, elementary school and nursing home visits, and even take part every November in a live nativity scene. We are very proud to have each and every one of them.

How We Got Started